Pastor Rushna Anwar: she brought her life to God with a water baptism at the age of 12, and God responded and denominated her to be a Disciple; an Pastor who preach His word among Christians and other faiths locally and globally. She is graduated from local university, a committed Christian who is blessed with multiple skills and gifts. She strongly believes in His call and has undertaken the responsibility to engage and work for the Lord. (Math 9:37)

She demonstrates a vibrant and compelling relationship with God in Christ; responds to the power of the Holy Spirit in daily life; is obedient to Christ’s mission to go and make disciples. She responds to God’s call to be a disciple; tells others about the love and power of Jesus Christ through word and deed; inspires others to live faithful lives. She pursues spiritual growth and seeks to strengthen personal relationship with God in Christ through prayer, study, spiritual discipline, and participation in the community of faith; grows in faith through the power of the Holy Spirit.

She puts a high priority on her personal devotion to the Lord. She sees this as critical to the success of her preaching and in her personal life. She promotes her calling through professional growth, including meeting with like-minded Pastors and Elders for discipling, study, and mutual encouragement. She continues her education through seminars, conferences, blogs, webinars and online bible classes worldwide.

She is a person who: loves and enjoys people; relate well to a variety of different people in a sincere and humble way; a servant-leader who leads by her own example; able to discern the particular needs of individuals in the flock and provide them with the requisite mentor care and delegate with other gifted individuals within the community. She supports children and youth ministries with a vision to develop Godly families by encouraging and equipping those in community with a gift and heart for these ministries. She recognizes leadership potential in others, helping them to develop their gifts, all to the greater glory of God.